Group Dental Insurance

Group Dental Insurance  


Dental care is an important part of your healthy lifestyle. Why not make it affordable?

As an IEEE member, our Group Dental Insurance Plan gives you the protection you need. And the freedom to see any dentist.1 You’ll enjoy additional savings on covered services when you visit an in-network dentist.2

With a choice of benefit options to suit your budget, we've engineered this plan to deliver affordable protection for a healthier smile and a healthier you. You’ll also get great service and educational support to help you stay on top of your care. Even if you change jobs, your coverage will come with you.

Now that’s something to smile about. Learn more about IEEE’s Group Dental Insurance Plan and apply online today.


Give your smile the protection it needs through a wide range of covered services at lower costs. Save time by applying for our group dental insurance plan online.






"We have used IEEE insurance for 8 years, since I retired. The experience has been terrific!"
-- IEEE Member, Klaus Dannenberg




  • Freedom to Visit Any Dentist

    You have the flexibility to visit any dentist1 — your dentist — and receive coverage under the plan. Just remember that nonparticipating dentists haven’t agreed to charge negotiated fees. That means you usually save more dental dollars when you go to a participating dentist.2


    If you prefer to stay in the network, there are thousands of general dentists and specialists to choose from nationwide — who can meet your needs. Plus, all participating dentists go through a rigorous selection and review process.This way, you'll obtain professional dentist coverage without the need for referrals.

  • Additional Savings When You Visit Participating Dentists

    Your out-of-pocket costs are usually lower when you visit a dentist in the MetLife network. That’s because they have agreed to accept negotiated fees that are typically 30 to 45% less than average dental charges in the same community.3 This may help lower your final costs and stretch your plan maximum. Negotiated fees may even extend to non-covered services and services provided after you've reached the plan maximum.4


    Service where and when you want it.

    MyBenefits, your secure self-service website through MetLife, is available 24/7.You can use the site to get estimates on care or check coverage and claim status. Plus, if you are on the go and need to find an in-network provider, view a claim or see your ID card, there’s an app for that.6 Search “MetLife” at iTunes App Store or Google Play to download the app.7


    To check out the general dentists and specialists in the PDP network, visit From there, select “Find a participating dentist,” then select the network “PDP Plus” and enter your ZIP code.

  • Educational Tools and Resources

    The right dental care is an essential part of good overall health. That’s why you and your dentist get resources to help make informed decisions about your oral health. You’ll find a range of topics on our online dental education website, Read up on the link between dental and overall health, kids’ dental health and more. You can also put your oral health to the test by taking an online risk assessment.
  • MetLife Vision Access Program

    Once enrolled in the MetLife Dental Plan, you will have access to the MetLife Vision Access Program. With this program you will have access to discounts on vision services at participating providers. More information is available on this service at
  • Plan Details

  • Alternate Benefits

    Your dental plan provides that where two or more professionally acceptable dental treatments for a dental condition exist, your plan bases reimbursement, and the associated procedure charge, on the least costly treatment alternative. If you and your dentist have agreed on a treatment that is more costly than the treatment upon which the plan benefit is based, your actual out-of-pocket expense will be: the procedure charge for the treatment upon which the plan benefit is based, plus the full difference in cost between the negotiated fee or, for out-of-network care, the actual charge, for the service rendered and the negotiated fee or R&C fee (if out-of-network care) for the service upon which the plan benefit is based. To avoid any misunderstandings, we suggest you discuss treatment options with your dentist before services are rendered, and obtain a pretreatment estimate of benefits prior to receiving certain high-cost services such as crowns, bridges or dentures. You and your dentist will each receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) outlining the services provided, your plan’s reimbursement for those services and your out-of-pocket expense. Procedure charge schedules are subject to change each plan year. You can obtain an updated procedure charge schedule for your area via fax by calling 800-942-0854 and using the MetLife Dental Automated Information Service.
  • Exclusions

    This plan does not cover the following services, treatments and supplies:

    1. Services that are not dentally necessary, those that do not meet generally accepted standards of care for treating the particular dental condition, or that we have deemed experimental in nature.
    2. Services for which you would not be required to pay in the absence of dental insurance.
    3. Services or supplies received by you or your dependent before the dental insurance starts for that person.
    4. Services that are primarily cosmetic (for Texas residents, see notice page section in certificate).
    5. Services that are neither performed nor prescribed by a dentist except for those services of a licensed dental hygienist that are supervised and billed by a dentist and that are for:
      – Scaling and polishing of teeth
      – Fluoride treatments.
    6. Services or appliances that restore or alter occlusion or vertical dimension.
    7. Restoration of tooth structure damaged by attrition, abrasion or erosion.
    8. Restoration or appliances used for the purpose of periodontal splinting.
    9. Counseling or instruction about oral hygiene, plaque control, nutrition and tobacco.
    10. Personal supplies or devices including, but not limited to water picks, toothbrushes or dental floss.
    11. Decoration, personalization or inscription of any tooth, device, appliance, crown or other dental work.
    12. Missed appointments.
    13. Services
      – Covered under any workers’ compensation or occupational disease law
      – Covered under any employer liability law
      – For which the employer of the person receiving such services is not required to pay
      – Received at a facility maintained by the employer, labor union, mutual benefit association or VA hospital.
    14. Services covered under other coverage provided by the employer.
    15. Temporary or provisional restorations.
    16. Temporary or provisional appliances.
    17. Prescription drugs.
    18. Services for which the submitted documentation indicates a poor prognosis.
    19. The following when charged by the dentist on a separate basis:
      – Claim form completion
      – Infection control such as gloves, masks and sterilization of supplies
      – Local anesthesia, non-intravenous conscious sedation or analgesia such as nitrous oxide.
    20. Dental services arising out of accidental injury to the teeth and supporting structures, except for injuries to the teeth due to chewing or biting food.
    21. Caries susceptibility tests.
    22. Initial installation of a fixed and permanent denture to replace one or more natural teeth that were missing before such person was insured for dental insurance, except for congenitally missing natural teeth.
    23. Other fixed denture prosthetic services not described elsewhere in this certificate.
    24. Precision attachments, except when the precision attachment is related to implant prosthetics.
    25. Initial installation of a full or removable denture to replace one or more natural teeth that were missing before such person was insured for dental insurance, except for congenitally missing natural teeth.
    26. Addition of teeth to a partial removable denture to replace one or more natural teeth that were missing before such person was insured for dental insurance, except for congenitally missing natural teeth.
    27. Adjustment of a denture made within six months after installation by the same dentist who installed it.
    28. Implants including, but not limited to any related surgery, placement, restorations, maintenance and removal.
    29. Repair of implants.
    30. Implant-supported prosthetics to replace one or more natural teeth that were missing before such person was insured for dental insurance, except for congenitally missing natural teeth.
    31. Diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. This exclusion does not apply to residents of Minnesota.
    32. Repair or replacement of an orthodontic device.
    33. Duplicate prosthetic devices or appliances.
    34. Replacement of a lost or stolen appliance, cast restoration or denture.
    35. Intra and extraoral photographic images.
  • Cancellation/Termination of Benefits

    Coverage is provided under a group insurance policy (Policy Form GPN99) issued by MetLife. Coverage terminates when:

    • Your membership in IEEE ceases
    • When insurance ends for your class
    • When your dental contributions cease
    • Upon termination of the group policy by the policyholder


    The group policy terminates for nonpayment of premium and may terminate if participation requirements are not met or, if the Policyholder fails to perform any obligations under the policy. The following services that are in progress while coverage is in effect will be paid after the coverage ends, if the applicable installment or the treatments is finished within 31 days after individual termination of coverage: completion of a prosthetic device, crown or root canal therapy.

  • Forms

  • Dental Related Articles


1Your out-of-network costs may be greater when you visit a dentist who does not participate in the MetLife network.
2Based on internal analysis by MetLife. Savings from enrolling in a dental plan will depend on various factors, including how often participants visit the dentist and the costs for services rendered.

3Certain providers may participate with MetLife through an agreement that MetLife has with a vendor. Providers available through a vendor are subject to the vendor’s credentialing process and requirements, rather than MetLife's. If you should have any questions, contact MetLife customer service.

4Negotiated fees for non-covered services may not apply in all states. Negotiated fees refers to the fees that in-network dentists have agreed to accept as payment in full, subject to any copayments, deductibles, cost sharing and benefit maximums. Savings from enrolling in a dental benefits plan will depend on various factors, including the cost of the plan, how often participants visit the dentist and the cost of services rendered.
5With the exception of scheduled or unscheduled systems maintenance or interruptions, the MyBenefits website is typically available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
6The features of the MetLife Dental Mobile App are not available for all MetLife Dental Plans.
7Before using the MetLife Dental Mobile App, you must register at from a computer. Registration cannot be done from your mobile device.


Coverage may not be available in all states. Please contact your program administrator for additional details.

Like most insurance policies, insurance policies offered by MetLife and its affiliates contain certain exclusions, exceptions, waiting periods, reductions, limitations, and terms for keeping them in force. Please contact MetLife or your program administrator for complete details.

Dental insurance featuring the MetLife Preferred Dental program is underwritten by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, NY.

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MetLife Vision benefits are underwritten by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, NY. Certain claims and network administration services are provided through Vision Service Plan (VSP), Rancho Cordova, CA. VSP is not affiliated with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company or its affiliates.

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