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Life insurance is for life without you. If the unthinkable happens, it helps ensure financial security for your loved ones. To help cover daily living expenses, mortgage payments and even college tuition, make sure your family is protected with our Group Term Life Insurance Program, which can provide up to $1 Million in coverage. If you need $500,000 or less, there is no medical underwriting.

Customize your life insurance by adding a Chronic Illness Rider. Depending on your health insurance, the costs associated with chronic illness can be substantial. You don’t want to risk financial hardship or stress when dealing with a serious, long-term illness. This rider can help ensure this won’t happen to you or your family.

The Chronic Illness Rider is available for members and spouses under 65 who live in the U.S.*

If you’re under 80, you can access a portion of your policy if you’re diagnosed with a chronic illness.


IEEE has partnered with Mercer Consumer for more than 60 years to bring our members convenient and high quality insurance products at specially negotiated rates. As a member, you’re in full control of your life insurance coverage. It’s not tied to your employer, so you’ll be able to take it with you and adjust it as you grow in your career.

Our life insurance coverage has an easy application process, with no medical or lab work required for amounts up to $500,000.**

Everything is handled conveniently and securely online. You’ll have digital tools and friendly representatives to help you every step of the way.

Learn more about our Group Term Life Insurance Program and apply for coverage online today!


QuickDecisionSM is a secure and fast way to apply for Group Term Life coverage online. Find out as soon as today if you’re approved for amounts up to $500,000.** Need more? Save time by applying online for up to $1 million and we’ll follow up quickly with required information.








  • Eligibility

    This coverage is available exclusively to IEEE members under age 70. You must maintain active IEEE membership status during the life of your coverage.


    You can request coverage for yourself, your spouse under age 70 and unmarried dependent children ages 14 days through 22 years (24 if a full-time student). To become insured, you must provide evidence of insurability and pay the required premium.


    A dependent who is also an IEEE member is eligible for either member or dependent coverage, but not both. If both member and spouse are covered as members, neither may insure the other as spouse. Only one may insure any eligible children.


    This coverage is available only for residents of the U.S. (except territories), Puerto Rico and Canada (except Quebec). Mercer (Canada) Limited, represented by its employees Nicole Swift and Pauline Tremblay acts as broker with respect to residents of Canada.


    Any eligible non-dependent family members can apply for coverage if they join IEEE as an associate member. Call us at 1-800-493-IEEE (4333) for more details.

  • Apply for Up to $1 Million of Coverage

    As an IEEE member, you can choose the coverage you need:

    • Member: $10,000 to $1 million, in multiples of $10,000.
    • Spouse: $5,000 to $1 million, in multiples of $5,000. Coverage may not exceed 100% of member’s coverage.
    • Each eligible dependent child: $10,000.


    Member and spouse coverage decreases as shown under "Amounts of Insurance at Member Ages 69 through 99."


    The total amount of coverage an individual may have under all group life insurance policies underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company may not exceed $2 million.


    In addition, the total amount of coverage an individual may have under all group policies issued by New York Life Insurance Company to the Trustee of the IEEE-Sponsored Life Insurance Program may not exceed the maximum benefit option for any insured person.

  • Benefits of Group Term Life Insurance

    Our group term life insurance offers many valuable benefits. Learn more about them.

    Volume Credits

    The more coverage you apply for, the more you can save. You’ll receive a volume credit if you become insured for options of $160,000 through $490,000. Another volume credit applies for options of $500,000 through $1 million. These credits are continued for members age 69 and older as long as the minimum number of coverage units is maintained.


    Premium Credit

    Now through 8/31/22, a 20% premium credit will apply to all premium contributions due. If policy experience warrants, the Trustee may grant premium credits that can reduce your cost to renew coverage. Although not promised or guaranteed, premium credits and/or credits have been granted every year since 1963.


    Non-Tobacco/Nicotine Use Credit

    If you and/or your spouse qualify, you can take advantage of nonsmoker rates to reduce your premiums even further.


    Monthly Payment Option

    You have the option to pay your premium contributions via monthly Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Your monthly cost would be approximately one-sixth of the amount you calculate from the rate chart.


    Premiums Waived If You're Totally Disabled

    If you become totally disabled before age 60, and remain disabled for nine months or longer, your insurance will be continued as long as you remain totally disabled—for both you and your insured family members—without additional premium contributions until coverage terminates when you reach age 100. The amount continued will be based on the options under which you and your dependents were insured at the time your disability began, subject to the scheduled decreases. You may be asked to provide evidence of your continued total disability from time to time.


    IMPORTANT NOTICE TO RESIDENTS OF MANITOBA AND ONTARIO, CANADA: Manitoba and Ontario, Canada have enacted laws requiring taxation (Manitoba 7% and Ontario 8%) of all group insurance purchased by individuals. This tax will be added to the amount of any premium contributions due (in U.S. dollars), which is then reported and remitted to the province.

  • Benefits of the Chronic Illness Rider

    This Chronic Illness Rider (CIR) Benefit is designed to protect IEEE members from the financial hardships of a chronic illness.


    These persistent, long-term illnesses include:

    • Cancer
    • Heart disease
    • Diabetes
    • Stroke
    • Arthritis
    • Other conditions which prevent you from permanently performing 2 out of 6 daily living activities or results in permanent cognitive impairments.


    CIR can also mitigate the costs of necessary care. Once you qualify, your benefits will be paid directly to you so you can use them any way you need, like medical bills or daily living expenses. Your beneficiaries will then receive the remainder of your life benefit upon your death.


    CIR is available to members and spouses under age 65 residing in the U.S. (excluding ID, LA, MN, OH, UT, and WA) and is subject to medical underwriting. It allows people under age 80 who are insured to accelerate 50% of the amount of life insurance that would be in effect one year after the date requested.


    To collect payment under this new benefit rider the chronic illness must:

    • Occur after coverage is effective.
    • Last for a continuous period of 90 days.
    • A licensed health care practitioner other than the insured or family member of the insured must certify the insured is permanently unable to perform 2 out of 6 daily living activities, like eating, bathing, dressing, using the bathroom, transferring or continence. Or has a permanent severe cognitive impairment requiring substantial supervision.


    Once you qualify for CIR you will be paid 12.5% the amount of your life insurance in force one year after the date of the request for a maximum of 4 years. The death benefit will be reduced by the amount of accelerated benefits paid.


    Terminal Illness Acceleration Provision

    This policy also provides a terminal illness acceleration provision, which allows you to receive 50% of your life insurance amount, that would be effective one year after the date requested. Provided you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and a life expectancy of 12 months of less.


    To qualify, a terminally ill insured must provide the New York Life Insurance Company with proof of terminal illness and anticipated life expectancy (12 months or less), as well as any other necessary medical information requested. For additional details and limitations, please see the Certificate of Insurance.


    Once you add the CIR you will have access to both benefits. Please note: the total acceleration cannot exceed 75% of your life insurance. If terminal illness acceleration is requested first the CIR will terminate. The CIR will also terminate on the earliest of the date full payment is made or age 80. Receipt of the acceleration benefit may be taxable so please consult with your tax advisor. Coverage, including the CIR, is subject to medical underwriting. This life insurance option benefit accelerates some of the death benefit in the event you are certified with a chronic illness.


    IMPORTANT NOTICE: This rider is not intended to be a federally tax-qualified long-term care insurance contract under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 7702B. Therefore, the premiums payable for this rider do not qualify as long-term care insurance premiums and are not deductible from gross income for federal income tax purposes. This rider, however, is subject to the federal per diem limits set forth in IRC Section 7702B. Under this rider, New York Life will not pay claimants more than the federal per diem limits. Assuming the amount you receive in the aggregate from all applicable policies does not exceed the federal per diem limits set forth in IRC Section 7702B, the benefits provided by the Chronic Illness Rider are intended to be excludable from federal gross income under Section 101 (g) of the IRC.


    Receipt of an accelerated death benefit may affect eligibility for Medicaid, other government benefits or entitlements and may have income tax consequences. Accelerating benefits before applying for these programs, or while you are receiving government benefits, may affect your initial or continued eligibility. Clients can contact the appropriate social service agency (e.g., the Medicaid Unit of your local Department of Public Welfare or the Social Security Administration Office) for more information.

  • Coverage for Members Ages 65-99

    The amount of life insurance for you and your spouse is based on your age at your last birthday. After age 68, coverage decreases for each $10,000 member and spouse option of insurance on the premium due date on or immediately after you enter a new age category. Premiums do not reduce. And the amount of children’s insurance doesn’t decrease. 


    Member's Age Each $10,000 Member and Spouse Option
    Under 69 $10,000
    69-72 $7,000
    73-76 $5,000
    77-79 $3,500
    80-99* $2,500


    *Coverage terminates at member's age 100. Group Conversion Privilege.

    Benefit option amounts are not guaranteed and are subject to change by agreement between New York Life Insurance Company and the Trustee of IEEE-Sponsored Life Insurance.


  • Additional Provisions and Notices

    Learn more about important provisions and notices for your Group Term Life Insurance Program.


    Effective Date

    You and your eligible dependents will become insured on the date specified by New York Life Insurance Company provided the first premium contribution has been paid, satisfactory evidence of insurability has been submitted and you and your dependents are alive on that date. Coverage for any dependent who is confined at home, in a hospital or other medical institution, is incapacitated or unable to perform his or her normal activities on the date coverage would otherwise become effective, will not become effective until the date he or she is no longer so confined or incapacitated provided you are insured on that date and the dependent is still eligible for insurance. Payment of a premium contribution for insurance does not mean there is any coverage in force before the effective date as specified by New York Life Insurance Company.


    When Coverage Ends

    Your insurance can remain in force until you reach age 100, and for your insured family members if they remain eligible, provided:(a) you remain a member of IEEE;(b) you continue to pay premium contributions when due; and (c) the group insurance is not terminated or modified by the Policyholder or New York Life Insurance Company to end insurance for the group of insureds to which you belong. Upon your death, coverage for your insured dependents may continue as described in the Certificate of Insurance.


    Renewal Payments and Claims

    Once your application is approved, you will have a 31-day grace period for your payment of renewal premium contributions. When you want to submit a claim, call or write the Administrator for claim forms.


    Certificate of Insurance

    This information is only a brief description of the principal provisions and features of the policy. The complete terms and conditions are set forth in the group policy issued by New York Life to the Trustee of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Life Insurance.


    When you become insured, you will be sent a Certificate of Insurance summarizing your benefits.


    30-Day Free Look

    If you are not completely satisfied with the terms of your Certificate of Insurance, you may return it, without claim, within 30 days. Your coverage will be invalidated, and you will be sent a full refund—no questions asked!


    How New York Life Obtains Information and Underwrites Your Request for Group Term Life Insurance


    In this notice, references to “you” and “your” include any person proposed for insurance. Information regarding insurability will be treated as confidential. In considering whether the person(s) in your request for insurance qualify for insurance, we will rely on the medical information you provide, and on the information you AUTHORIZE us to obtain from your physician, other medical practitioners and facilities, other insurance companies to which you have applied for insurance and MIB, Inc. (“MIB”). MIB is a not-for-profit organization of insurance companies, which operates an information exchange on behalf of its members. If you apply for life or health insurance coverage or a claim for benefits is submitted to an MIB member company, medical or non-medical information may be given to MIB and such information may then be furnished by MIB, upon request, to a member company.


    Your AUTHORIZATION may be used for a period of 24 months from the date you signed the application for insurance, unless sooner revoked. The AUTHORIZATION may be revoked at any time by notifying New York Life in writing at the address provided. Your revocation will not be effective to the extent New York Life or any other person already has disclosed or collected information or taken other action in reliance on it, or to the extent that New York Life has a legal right to contest a claim under an insurance certificate or the certificate itself. The information New York Life obtains through your AUTHORIZATION may become subject to further disclosure. For example, New York Life may be required to provide it to insurance, regulatory or other government agencies. In this case, the information may no longer be protected by the rules governing your AUTHORIZATION.


    MIB and other insurance companies may also furnish New York Life, its subsidiaries or the Plan Administrator with non-medical information (such as driving records, past convictions, hazardous sport or aviation activity, use of alcohol or drugs, and other application for insurance). The information provided may include information that may predate the time frame stated on the medical questions section, if any, on this application. This information may be used during the underwriting and claims processes, where permitted by law.


    New York Life may release this information to the Plan Administrator, other insurance companies to which you may apply for life and health insurance, or to which a claim for benefits may be submitted and to others whom you authorize in writing. However, this will not be done in connection with test results concerning Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). We may also make a brief report of your protected health information to MIB, but we will not disclose our underwriting decision.


    New York Life will not disclose such information to anyone except those you authorize or where required or permitted by law. Information in our files may be seen by New York Life and Plan Administrator employees, but only on a “need to know” basis in considering your request. Upon receipt of all requested information, we will make a determination as to whether your request for insurance can be approved.


    If we cannot provide the coverage you requested, we will tell you why. If you feel our information is inaccurate, you will be given a chance to correct or complete the information in our files. Upon written request to New York Life or MIB, you will be provided with non-medical information. Generally, medical information will be given either directly to the proposed insured or to a medical professional designated by the proposed insured. Your request is handled in accordance with the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act procedures. If you question the accuracy of the information provided by MIB, you may contact MIB and seek a correction. MIB’s information office is: MIB, Inc. 50 Braintree Hill Park, Suite 400, Braintree, MA 02184-8734, telephone 866-692-6901 (TTY 866 346-3642). For Canadian residents the address is: MIB Information Office, 330 University Avenue, Suite 501, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G 1R7, telephone (416) 597-0590. Information for consumers about MIB may be obtained on its Web site at


    For NM Residents: PROTECTED PERSONS1 have a right of access to certain CONFIDENTIAL ABUSE INFORMATION2 we maintain in our files and they may choose to receive such information directly. You have the right to register as a PROTECTED PERSON by sending a signed request to the Administrator at the address listed on the application. Please include your full name, date of birth and address.


    1PROTECTED PERSON means a victim of domestic abuse; who has notified us that he/she is or has been a victim of domestic abuse; and who is an insured or prospective insured person.


    2CONFIDENTIAL ABUSE INFORMATION means information about acts of domestic abuse or abuse status; the work or home address or telephone number of a victim of domestic abuse; or the status of an applicant or insured family member, employer or associate of a victim of domestic abuse or a person with whom the applicant or insured is known to have a direct, close, personal, family or abuse-related relationship.


    New York Life Insurance Company 
    8/12 ed.

    IEEE is compensated in connection with this sponsored group insurance to provide and maintain this valuable membership benefit.


    Underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company, under Group Policy No. G-8100-1, on Policy Form GMR-FACE /G-8100-1.


    Rating Agencies Disclaimer



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  • Mercer's Role & Compensation

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"I needed life insurance, and when I found that IEEE had a plan, I didn’t even shop around to compare — I trust IEEE. I am very satisfied with the coverage, and I haven’t had to contact IEEE in years about it!"

-- IEEE Member,

John A. Bolakas


“I have had Term Life Insurance through the IEEE member program for decades. I have found it preferable to purchasing extra coverage through previous employers and the rates have always been competitive.”

-- IEEE Member,

Daniel R. Adams






Apply for benefit amounts up to $1,000,000.


Insurance can be complicated, but Mercer is here to help with all your questions.

*Except residents of ID, LA, MN, OH, UT and WA. **IMPORANT NOTE: If you are not approved for coverage under the QuickDecisionSM tool you can still obtain coverage through the online process, which may require medical exams and other information. QuickDecisionSM is not available to residents of MT, VA, Puerto Rico and Canada. These residents can still apply online and will be contacted for required information. The Chronic Illness Rider benefit option is NOT available through QuickDecisionSM. If you would like to apply the both the Group Term Life Insurance Plan and Chronic Illness Rider, please use the Term Life Insurance PDF application. If you are an IEEE Member Group Term Life Insured and would like to apply for CIR, please choose the Chronic Illness Rider Application.