Early-Career Insurance for Engineers

Early-Career Insurance for Engineers  

Insurance Coverage You Can Carry Throughout Your Career

You may not be thinking about insuring yourself, especially when you’re just starting out in your career. However, buying coverage when you’re young is smart because premiums are lower and you’re likely in good health. It’s always better to have coverage, even though you might not need it right away.

As an IEEE member, you’ll have access to exclusive benefits you can use now, like health, vision and dental insurance. And benefits that will prepare you for the future, including disability and life insurance.


Of those who have purchased life insurance, 40% say they wish they’d purchased it at a younger age. Our coverage is even more affordable for our members, since we bundle our group rates.

For a little more than you insure your phone, you can begin building a foundation for the future. If you’re married, life insurance is more important than ever. Coverage protects your spouse by replacing future lost income and large debts, like your mortgage.

When you switch jobs, you’ll be able to carry your coverage throughout your career and beyond. Begin engineering your future today by exploring the plans we offer.





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