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  • Protect all your family smartphones, tables, computers, gaming consoles, TVs, monitors and printers from accidental damage - all for less than $20/month. Start saving your gadgets AND your money today with TechProtectTM, exclusively for IEEE Members.

  • IEEE, New York Life Insurance Company and Mercer Consumer are pleased to announce QuickDecisionSM--a secure, fast and easy way to apply online for Group Term Life coverage. You can apply for amounts up to $500,000 and know right away if you qualify to be approved with no additional underwriting. No medical exam necessary! Just answer some health questions and other information.1

  • Life insurance is one of the cornerstones of financial planning, yet many do not have enough coverage to help their family remain financially secure should the unthinkable happen.

  • People tend to think they will never need long-term care. Unfortunately, when they do need it they are not prepared. As life expectancies increase, there is a greater chance for long-term care needs.

  • A healthy smile could mean better health. To help maintain your smile, consider the IEEE Member Group Dental Insurance Plan. Regular visits to the dentist can be important to your overall health.

  • Take advantage of member services that allow you to access a doctor by phone or video, 24/7 counseling services and alternative medicine options to help save on your health and wellness

IEEE Member Group Insurance Program

IEEE sponsors a wide range of insurance coverages through the IEEE Member Group Insurance Program.


What sets this program apart from others is the role IEEE plays as an advocate for its participating members. You can rest assured that the insurance coverages offered to you are IEEE approved member benefits. In conjunction with the licensed advisors of Mercer Consumer, IEEE and Mercer Consumer conduct member satisfaction surveys, collect input from IEEE volunteers and work closely with the IEEE professional staff to ensure that the coverage offered to you remains a great value, at every stage of your career. As a result, you can trust that IEEE member benefits deliver a dependable balance of solid protection at member only group rates.


As an IEEE member, you’re entitled to take advantage of this valuable portfolio of member benefit insurance options.


Thousands of technology professionals have used the IEEE Member Group Insurance Program as a convenient addition to their family’s financial plan more than 50 years. At Mercer Consumer, we look forward to helping to protect your financial future as well.



Did You Know?


To have questions answered, IEEE members can speak to a customer care advocate by calling 1-800-493-IEEE (4333).

Hours: 7:30am ‐ 7:00pm CST Monday – Friday.




1QuickDecisionSM may not be available in all states. If not available in your state you can still apply online and will be contacted regarding additional information.
2Provided by Mercer Health & Benefits Administration LLC