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IEEE Member Group Insurance Program

IEEE sponsors a wide range of insurance policies through the IEEE Member Group Insurance Program.


What sets this program apart from others is the role IEEE plays as an advocate for its participating members. You can rest assured that the insurance coverage offered to you are IEEE approved member benefits, delivering a dependable balance of solid protection at member-only group rates.


As an IEEE member, you’re entitled to take advantage of this valuable portfolio of member benefit insurance options.


Thousands of technology professionals have used the IEEE Member Group Insurance Program as a convenient, cost-effective addition to their family’s financial plan for more than 60 years. At AMBA, we look forward to helping to protect your financial future as well.





Did You Know?


IEEE members can speak to a customer care advocate by calling AMBA at 1-800-493-IEEE (4333)  to have questions answered and obtain more information on IEEE Member Group Insurance Policies.